On February 20th PARTAKE consortium presented PARTAKE final results in the workshop hold at Cranfield University ATM Laboratory (IDEAS Area, Aerospace Integration Research Centre, AIRC).

PARTAKE project main research objective has been to reduce ATC tactical interventions due to conflicting aircraft, by developing a TBO-oriented information management platform, based on identifying trajectory interdependencies and determining feasible multi-airport departure configurations that relax them. In the exercise event, PARTAKE tools were applied to a simulated multi-airport system, engaging professional ATC Controllers and Pilots in a virtual scenario. Realistic traffic at London TMA operations was simulated in real-time to identify trajectory interdependencies and remove them with PARTAKE mitigation measures by coordinating the departures from Luton and Stansted Airports.

Relevant industrial stakeholders from the aerospace and ATM sector (Indra, Rolls-Royce), together with airports representatives (Flight Operations Manager of Luton Airport, Director of Aviation Operations at Cranfield Airport), ANSP’s (NATS), ATC (Tower Air Traffic Controller of Cranfield Airport), and SJU representative attended to the validation workshop. They highlighted the big potential of PARTAKE measures and the great utility of its deployment to deal with the present and future European airspace scenarios.